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I'm Ann and I love space and many other things. Sometimes I draw. 
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quick lil comic

track name: In The Aeroplane Over the Sea
artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
album: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Box Set)
play count: 6741


I need this poster

track name: Centuries
artist: Fall Out Boy
play count: 27164


3D Audio of Centuries by Fall Out Boy (Requested)

What is 3D Audio?

3D audio effects are a group of sound effects that manipulate the sound produced by stereo speakers, surround-sound speakers, speaker-arrays, or headphones. This frequently involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener.

Only works with headphones/earphones

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¿A quién coño se le ocurren estas cosas?

Do you feel it?


Japan’s really good at textbook doodles. More examples here.

track name: Forbidden friendship
artist: John Powell
play count: 11517


it’s beyond words. just listen. 
John Powell, you’re a magician.
my achilles’ heel.